Alibaba & 41 Dishes

Welcome to the Alibaba & 41 dishes Restaurant is a Best restaurant in Kerala. Alibaba & 41dishes will truly be a savior from yummy and tasty apathiris to Non Vegetarian delicious dishes all the way from Malabar. We are committed to serve high quality yummy and delicious food; to make your every visit enjoyable and relaxed ambience. Alibaba and 41 dishes restaurant offers not only Malabar Food but also many luscious food items. We are arranging an array of Indian, Arabic and Chinese dishes.

Tasty & Delicious

We are the most famous leading tasty and delicious food restaurant in Kerala.

Catering Service

Alibaba & 41 dishes pursue excellence offering honest and reliable catering service in Kerala.

Ample Car Parking

We are offering a car parking service with our clients to park their vehicle.

Fresh Drinks

Alibaba& 41 dishes one and only Best & famous restaurant to offers a naturally fresh drinks.

Our Featured Dishes

AliBaba & 41 Dishes is a multi-cuisine restaurant offering Arabic,Chinese, Indian, South-Indian, Tandoori & Traditional cuisines. It is an ideal place for having a lavish dine-in with family and friends. Alibaba & 41 Dishes, tempted by an unrivaled range of authentic & imaginative traditional Indian foods. Our food is cooked to the highest standards by using the best quality & freshest ingredients.

Naadan Thalassery Snacks

Follow Malabar Special snacks and enjoy the real taste of Malabar Cuisine from Kerala. Alibaba & 41 Dishes presents a collection of special Kerala Malabar snacks like thalassery snacks just for you.

Our Happy Customers

  • Asif Ali - celebrity guest

    Kunchaco Boban - celebrity guest

    Jayasurya - celebrity guest
  • Asif Ali - celebrity guest

    Kunchaco Boban - celebrity guest

    Jayasurya - celebrity guest


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